BiketoWork Taxsaver

Bicycle Tax Saver Scheme Procedure

The procedure for participating in the bicycle tax saver scheme is as follows:

  1. The staff member selects one of the participating bicycle shops at Bike Shops.
  2. To proceed to purchase, the staff member must then apply via the Bike to Work on-line application form via the following link BiketoWork. A purchase agreement which is available on this site must also be returned to the Secretariat at the same time (copy may be downloaded below).
  3. Once the quotation is approved the RIAM will be invoiced for the bike on behalf of the staff member.
  4. The Secretariat Office will then provide the staff member with a voucher with which they may redeem their bicycle with (photographic ID required).
  5. All applications will only be processed once annually. Deadline for applications for a current year (January to December) will be 10th January of the current year (ie online quotations must be submitted for approval and purchase agreement completed by this date) and deductions will commence at the end of January