Continuing Professional Development Policy


The policy sets out terms under which the Academy will support Continuing Professional
Development (CPD) for employees.


What is CPD?

Staff Development comprises training and learning initiatives aimed at developing an individual’s qualifications, knowledge, and skills base for the performance of duties and for their personal growth and development. These initiatives may include pursuit of higher qualifications, research activities, participation at conferences and seminars, membership of professional bodies, external networking, sabbaticals, industrial placement, skills dissemination, formal learning exchanges, training courses and other mechanisms which facilitate continuing professional development.


Budget for CPD

CPD, as embraced by the Academy, relates to financial support given to individuals or groups who wish to pursue appropriate and relevant extra-curricular activity outside of their normal workplace functions.

The Academy has a limited budget for supporting CPD activities and will endeavour to assist applications entirely or partially depending on the amount involved and how much is remaining in the budget at the time of application. An application for funding is not guaranteed to be supported.


Procedure for Pursuing CPD

An employee who wishes to apply for financial support for CPD, and believes it is of benefit to the Academy and their role within it, must apply for support approval to the Director and Secretary, in advance of committing to the undertaking.


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