Full-time Students’ Regulations

RIAM Full-time Students’ Regulations

Issued: September 2016


1. Students are responsible for being up to date with the published regulations and must check their emails for Academy correspondence on a regular basis. They are required to respond in writing to such communication within the timeframe specified.

2. All branches of musical education are taught so far as the resources of the Academy permit. Students may apply to study in any one or more of these branches and are permitted to express a preference for specified teacher(s) though it cannot be guaranteed that a student will be assigned to the teacher of his/her preference.

3. (a) Students may not attend another teacher in the same subject unless they have prior written permission from their Academy teacher.

(b) A student wishing to transfer to another teacher should fill out the application form available from the General Office. It should be noted that following the request for a transfer, the student may be requested to attend a transfer audition where they will perform two contrasting pieces and engage in a short interview. (Please refer to the transfer form for full details). Transfers will not be considered later than 15th April for the following academic year.

4. Teachers are not obliged to make up lessons lost through absence of a student.

5. Students must be punctual in attendance at their classes, orchestra, RIAM Chorale, ensembles or other Academy activities. Attendance records are kept for each subject. Students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements outlined by their teachers/ensemble directors or course handbook will fail this component, resulting in an overall fail for the year.

6. All students are required, when called upon, to take part as members of The RIAM Podium Ensembles in rehearsals and public performances. Students who are not required for their designated ensemble are obliged, when called upon, to take part as members of other ensembles in rehearsals and public performances of other ensembles. All full-time singing and non- orchestral instrument students must attend RIAM Chorale unless required in another ensemble. Please refer to your course handbook for details of regulations and penalties.

7. The RIAM reserves the right to make recordings (audio and/or visual) and take photographs of student rehearsals and performances to use these images and recordings for its own promotional purposes.

8. A breach of Academy Regulations, whether by a student or by the person legally responsible for the student, may result in disciplinary action. Such disciplinary action may range from minor sanctions through to expulsion of the student from the Academy. (Please refer to the Code of Conduct Policy for full details.)

9. (a) All undergraduates and post-graduates are liable to pay an annual registration fee each academic year and must be paid by the given deadline. Students who do not qualify under the HEA free tuition scheme must ensure payment is made by the given deadlines.
(b) Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the new single awarding authority for all new grant applications which commence the Academic Year 2012-2013. If you are a new student, you should apply to SUSI through the website www.studentfinance.ie stating Dublin City University or Trinity College Dublin as the university.
10. Any appeal against marks awarded in an examination must in the first instance be directed to the Administrative Officer [Registry] who will refer it to the relevant appeals panel. (Please refer to Appeals Procedure for full details).

11. Please refer to the RIAM Complaints procedure if you wish to make a complaint.

12. The Board of studies reserves to themselves full power to vary from time to time any of these regulations and to take whatever action they may deem advisable when they are infringed.


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