Records Management Policy

RIAM Records Management Policy

Issued: September 2016

RIAM records are defined as those documents or data sets which arise from or facilitate the business carried out by the Academy and which provide evidence of its transactions or activities.

This policy aims to ensure that the Academy creates, maintains, retains and properly disposes of those records which it requires for the conduct of its business and that they are managed in a manner commensurate with legal obligations and information requirements. In the context of this policy the Academy acknowledges the legislative environment within which it operates, and the relevant codes of corporate governance and ethical standards to which it adheres.

Scope of Policy
This policy applies to:

1.   all Academy records. Research records, whether internally or externally funded are included, as are records sent or received through the email system
2.  all approved users of Academy records including all employees of the Academy
3.  all contractors, suppliers, RIAM partners and external researchers and visitors who may be given access to RIAM records
4. all locations from which Academy information is accessed including home and off-site/ remote use.

Policy Implementation
The Records Management Policy will be achieved through the implementation of controls and responsibilities including measures to ensure:

1.   legislative compliance – compliance with record keeping provisions in legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004
2.  lifecycle management – records must be kept for an appropriate length of time and in an appropriate manner. They must be disposed of at the end of their lifecycle in accordance with policies and best practice and in accordance with the Academy’s records retention schedule
3.  integrity – the accuracy and completeness of Academy records must be safeguarded and unauthorised amendment or destruction prevented
4.  availability – Academy records must be available to authorised users in line with business and funding body requirements
5.  efficiency – Academy records must be available to authorised users in a form that ensures efficiency and ease of use
6.  semi-current manual records (records which are not in regular use, but which have not yet reached their disposal date) will be managed, where appropriate, in the Academy Records Centre

Responsibilities and Compliance Framework
The Royal Irish Academy of Music has a corporate responsibility to maintain its records and records management systems in accordance with the regulatory environment. This responsibility therefore extends to all staff who work with Academy records.

The Director, Secretary, Heads of Faculty and the Internal Auditor are responsible for ensuring that records management within their areas is carried out in line with this policy and established procedures.


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