Course Components

Principal Study Lessons [2 hours per week]

Preparing, studying and rehearsing works to be rehearsed or performed with the RIAM Intermediate Orchestra. Performing the prepared works in public concerts. Examination of all aspects of Conducting, Baton technique, rehearsal technique, score reading and interpretation.

Assistant Conductor [2 hours per week]

Attendance at Orchestras or Wind Ensemble rehearsals as observer/s and to act as assistant conductor/s as required of the relevant group.

Reading list: The Composers Advocate by Eric Leinsdorf
On Conducting by R. Wagner  (Publisher Reeves)
Anatomy of the Orchestra by Norman Del Mar (Publisher Faber)                         The Art of conducting (videos) – BBC Documentaries

Supporting studies [2 hours per week]
Keyboard skills
This module will be conducted in the form of a tutorial and is designed to equip the student with the necessary skills involved in the preparation of scores.

Areas covered will include mastery of the following:

  • ‘c’ clefs
  • Transposition of instruments
  • Development of a suitable degree of fluency regarding the translation of a score from ‘open’ to ‘close’ form

Form and Analysis
This element will involve an in-depth analysis and examination of the works selected for study in the ‘practical studies’ element of the course. Where possible, additional works will be examined. The areas covered will include:

  • Form
  • Harmonic, melodic, motivic analysis

Reading list: Music analysis in Theory and Practice by Jonathan Dunsby and Arnold Whittal                         A guide to musical Analysis by  Nicholas Cook                         Analytical approaches to 20th Century music by Joel Lester                         Beyond Orpheus. Studies in musical structure by  David Epstein                         Essays on music by Hans Keller                         The Classical style by Charles Rosen                         Sonata form by Charles Rosen                         The Romantic Generation by Charles Rosen                         Musical form and musical performance by ET Cone

Assessment and examination
Principal Study [60% of overall mark]
End of year public performance with the RIAM Intermediate Orchestra of works chosen in consultation with the student’s principal study teacher (60%)Continuous assessment through short assignments given by the students principal study teacher (40%)

Supporting Studies [40% of overall mark]
Continuous assessment through short assignments and assessment tests (including analysis) given throughout the year (40%)
End of year examinations to include Aural and Keyboard harmony skills (60%)