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If you wish to apply for RIAM’s full-time and part-time programmes for 2018/19, the process begins with an online application.

The deadline for all applications is 1st December. Please check out our prospectus for full-time applicants. RIAM Prospectus (July 2017)

The Royal Irish Academy of Music has a proven track record of fostering musical talent and producing graduates that have gone on to significant international careers, or who have contributed to our vibrant cultural community through work in other aspects of the music profession.

Meet the Faculties

Meet the Faculties

The RIAM faculties include all classical musical disciplines, such as Keyboard; String; Woodwind, Brass and Percussion; Vocal and Musicianship.

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Student Successes

Student Successes

Throughout its 150-year history, the Academy has nurtured and developed the talents of many of Ireland’s finest musicians.

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We maintain small numbers on all of our Degrees and programmes as our focus is on giving the students a high level of attention in terms of lesson time, advice on their career path, and opportunities for performance. Applications for all Degrees and Programmes  are made directly to the Academy [excluding Bachelor of Music in Education – application must be made through the CAO]. Please review the following admission criteria before completing your application.

For current students submitting written assignments in the RIAM, please follow the style guidelines and footnote/bibliography format outlined in the RIAM Style guide, linked below:

Guidelines on Style 2018-2019

We offer the following courses:-

Postgraduate Degrees and Programmes

Doctor in Music Performance Handbook  2018-19
Master in Music Performance Handbook  2018-19
Recital Artist Diploma Handbook 2018-19

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor in Music Performance Handbook  2018-19 Instrumental Modules
Bachelor in Music Performance Handbook 2018-19 Vocal Studies
Bachelor in Music Composition Handbook 2018-19
Bachelor in Music Education
Applicants for Bachelor in Music Education must make application through the CAO

One-year Programmes

Access Handbook 2018-19
Diploma in Music Teaching & Performance Handbook 2018-19
Diploma in Community and Group Music Teaching Handbook 2018-19
Diploma in Conducting

International Applicants

Information for international students who wish to apply to study at the RIAM