Diploma in Community and Group Music Teaching

The RIAM Diploma in Community and Group Music teaching aims to equip musicians with the attitude and skills required to teach effectively in the community and classroom setting. The ideal Diploma student will combine musical know-how with good communication skills and the ability to work with musical enthusiasts across all generations. Upon completing the course, our Diploma graduate will be an all-rounder, a project manager, an innovator, a practical musician and champion for the enjoyment of music for all.

This one-year programme will be run over 6 intensive weekends on RIAM premises in Dublin between September and June of each year. On-site work in schools or community settings will also be undertaken by participants. This Diploma is non-genre specific, but suitable candidates will have a high level of musical literacy and will have some professional experience in music.

Fees: Academic Year 2018-19 €1,675


Admission Criteria
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Diploma in Community and Group Music Teaching Handbook