Making an application

Closing date for part-time applications is December 1st

One can apply online for up to a maximum of three subjects per application form. Under 18s must have a Guarantor fill out the relevant sections of the form.

Application Fee €35
This is a non-refundable processing/administration fee, and is payable with each application.  It does not guarantee an audition, nor does it count towards any tuition fees.

Requesting a Teacher
If you have a preference for a particular teacher, you may indicate this on the application form.  Any preferences will be noted, but it cannot be guaranteed that the teacher of your choice would be available in the event of a place at the Academy being offered.

Students must undertake a considerable commitment – daily practice, weekly instrumental lessons, weekly obligatory theory classes, and orchestra obligations (if studying an orchestral instrument).    Music is hard work!  (It’s also great fun and the rewards are incalculable, as are the social, cultural and educational benefits).

Instrumental Tuition for Children
Over the years, Academy teachers have found that a child is more successful if they choose to play an instrument of their choice.  If they are successful in gaining a place at the RIAM, they are accepted on a year’s trial and must make satisfactory progress in order to retain their place.  Each year after that, students must successfully pass their end-of-year annual Assessment in order to retain their place at the Academy.

Adult Applicants
We welcome prospective students of all ages, but would expect adult applicants to have attained a proficient standard. [Suggestion: Grade 8 +].  We regret we are unable to consider applications from adult beginners.

Auditions and Vacancies
The relevant Head of Faculty will shortlist those applicants to be called for audition.  The audition panels make every effort to give as many applicants as possible the opportunity of an audition.  The numbers of vacancies, however, are generally exceeded by the number of applicants.  Therefore, not all applicants can be offered places, even if they have passed the audition – the Academy is restricted in the number of students it can accommodate, and the number of vacancies in any year is entirely variable, due to many contributing factors.  It is therefore not possible to foresee a definite number of vacancies arising in any given year.

Attending Pre-instrumental classes does not in any way guarantee a place for instrumental tuition.  All applications for instrumental tuition are given equal consideration; no preference can be given to children who have completed a Pre-instrumental course.

Online Application