General Regulations

I agree to be bound by the General Regulations of The Royal Irish Academy of Music and all other rules and regulations and policies which may apply to the course of study.  
Full time students should also read Full-time students Regulations

RIAM General Regulations

(a)        All orders for the regulation of the Academy emanate from the Governors.

(b)        Those concerned should read these Regulations carefully. They should also read the notices from time to time posted on the Notice Board dealing with examinations, concerts and other matters.

(a)        All branches of musical education are taught so far as the resources of the Academy permit. Students may apply to study in any one or more of these branches and are permitted to express a preference for specified teacher(s) though it cannot be guaranteed that a student will be assigned to the teacher of his/her preference. Individual or group instruction is given to students in their chosen subjects.

(b)        Students entering the Academy for the first time will, in the normal course of events, be required to attend for audition and they may be re-graded in practical or theoretical subjects at the end of the first academic year.

3          Students are admitted only at the start of the academic year. It is obligatory for all students entering the Academy, who will have reached their eighth birthday within the academic year, to enrol and attend a Musicianship class unless they have attained a pass in Level Seven Musicianship or are exempted.

4          Students are not admitted for less than one academic year.

5          All fees are payable in advance at the commencement of the academic year. No student will be allowed to commence tuition unless all fees have been paid. Any lessons missed through late payment of fees cannot be claimed. Students availing themselves of the discount scheme must pay all the discounted fees in total.

        All new part-time students must pay their fees in full by April 7th each year, failure to do so will result in their place being offered to another successful applicant.

(a)        Returning students will need to re-enrol by paying a deposit online by 1st March each year.

(b)        After March 1st, the RIAM will amend student records and those students whose places have not been confirmed by a deposit will automatically lose their place at the Academy and will be marked as discontinued for the forthcoming Academic Year.

(a)        All part-time students graded within Stages 1-10/Advanced Levels 1-3 must successfully sit an annual Assessment Examination and advance within one year to the next Stage/Level. Any student who, in the opinion of his/her teacher, does not make satisfactory progress may receive a fail in the mark awarded by the teacher. This mark is part of the overall Assessment mark. Students failing their annual Assessment may be required to discontinue their studies.

(b)        Any appeal against marks awarded in an examination must in the first instance be directed to the Administrative Officer [Registry] who will examine the appeal and, if appropriate, refer it to the relevant appeals panel. (Please refer to the Part-time Student Examination Appeals Procedure document for full details).

9          Persons who wish to consult with teacher(s) regarding a student’s progress should seek an appointment for a mutually convenient time.

 10          Students must be punctual in attendance at their classes, orchestra, RIAM chorale, ensembles or other Academy activities.

11          Unless authorised by the Governors, no person other than the student(s) may remain in the room while a lesson is in progress except at the request or with the permission of the teacher.

12        Teachers are not obliged to make up lessons lost through the absence of a student.

13        Students are not allowed to receive visitors in the Academy or to receive, by post or otherwise, letters addressed to them at the Academy. In cases of urgency, telephone messages may be sent through the Reception.

(a)        Except as provided by Regulation 15 below, students must obtain permission in writing from their teacher before making any arrangements to perform, whether as a soloist or otherwise, at any concert, broadcast, competition, examination or public performance. This permission should be obtained in reasonable time before the date of such a performance.

(b)          Students may not attend another teacher in the same subject unless they have prior written permission from their Academy teacher.

(c)        A student [or parent] wishing to transfer should fill out the application form available from the General Office. It should be noted that following the request for a transfer, the student will be requested to attend a transfer audition where they will perform two contrasting pieces and engage in a short interview. (Please refer to the Transfer Procedure Document for full details).

(a)        All students are required, to take part as members of Academy orchestras, ensembles and choirs in rehearsals and public performances as assigned by the Head of Performing Groups. (Please refer to the part-time RIAM Performing Groups Handbook for full details).

(b)        The RIAM reserves the right to make recordings (audio and/or visual) and take photographs of student rehearsals and performance s to use these images and recordings for its own promotional purpose.

16        A breach of Academy regulations, whether by a student or by the person legally responsible for the student, may result in disciplinary action. Such disciplinary action may, in a serious case, take the form of the expulsion of the student from the Academy. (Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for full details).

17       As part of their music education, RIAM students will normally participate in a range of RIAM courses, concerts, masterclasses and workshop events. They will be encouraged to attend, where possible, RIAM staff and visiting artist performances. Guarantors will be notified of upcoming events by the RIAM periodically.

18       The Governors reserve to themselves full power to vary from time to time any of these Regulations and to take whatever action they may deem advisable when they are infringed.