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Royal Irish Academy of Music Local Centre Exam Information 2018

Rules and Regs info 2018

Learning Supports and Education

The  RIAM Teaching and Learning Network provides support and resources for music teachers, parents, and students throughout Ireland. Please visit the link below for more information:

RIAM Teaching & Learning Network Website


For your Exam, Remember …

  • To bring your own music stand, where appropriate: this applies to all centres outside of the RIAM.
  • For recitals, to bring a list of the pieces you will perform and a copy of the original music for the examiner.
  • To bring a copy of pieces for examiners for all instruments, including Singing and Music Theatre. For piano this applies to pieces listed in the syllabus but not in the piano albums (Grades 6–8, and Senior Certificate).
  • That failure to produce original copies will result in not receiving a mark.
  • To bring proof of purchase for sheet music bought online.
  • To bring your piano album with you even if you are playing from memory.
  • To check whether you need accompaniment for your pieces (for instruments other than the piano).
  • Where applicable, to play one piece from each list, A, B, and C.
  • Pieces in the piano albums are only valid for exams in the year printed on the album i.e. 2016 piano album pieces can only be presented for exams in 2016. Similarly, 2017 piano album pieces can only be presented for exams in 2017. In cases where 2016 pieces are presented in 2017 or vice versa, the candidate will unfortunately not be awarded marks, but they will still receive feedback.
  • To bring your theory cert. Candidates taking a practical exam, who have passed the written Theory and Harmony exam at the equivalent grade, or higher, will automatically be awarded 5 full marks in the practical (Preliminary to Grade V). A full 15 marks for Aural and Theoretical tests (Grades VI to VIII), and a full 10 Marks for Aural and Theoretical tests (Senior Cert).


Exam Options

There are numerous exam options outside the traditional graded exams. These include:

  • CARA Awards; Recitals; Duets; Chamber Music; Choral singing; Orchestra; Theory and Harmony.

Explore all options on the Teaching and Learning Network website at Network


Material Available in Music Shops

  • Music Workout is a series of theory workbooks (Preparatory to Grade 8).
  • Let’s Get Reading is a series of piano sight-reading books (Preliminary to Senior Certificate).
  • Sample Aural Tests (Junior and Senior Grades).
  • Complete Scales and Arpeggios: Elementary to Grade V (Piano).
  • Scales Made Simple (Violin, Preliminary to Grade V and Grade VI to Senior Certificate).
  • Scales Made Simple (Cello, Primary to Grade V and Grade VI to Senior Certificate).



While it is not obligatory to sit the Theory and Harmony exams we strongly recommend preparing theory through the Music Workout books. This complements the practical component of music education, strengthening the student’s comprehension of the pieces they perform, as well as the scales and arpeggios they play. It is worth keeping in mind that if you have passed the theory exam at the equivalent grade, or higher, as your instrument you will, as noted above, be awarded full marks in the theory component of the practical exam.


Any candidate failing to attend their exam on the date and time assigned to them will forfeit the entry fee. In case of illness, notification of such should be sent in writing with name, address, exam number, date, venue, subject of exam (ie theory, piano, singing) with a medical cert within seven days of the date of the exams. In such instances, every effort will be made to reschedule or postpone the exam.

RIAM Tuition

The RIAM offers a wide range of courses from pre-instrumental, to Junior and Leaving Certificate, through to third-level. For more information visit  Courses