General Exam Regulations

1   Grades of Examinations

Candidates may be entered in any of the following grades, where applicable, irrespective of age (see Speech & Drama syllabus for exceptions) and without having previously been examined in any other grade in the same subject:

Early Learning (Speech & Drama)
Kindergarten Grade      Elementary Grade    Preliminary Grade
Primary                           Grade I                        Grade II
Grade III                         Grade IV                      Grade V
Grade VI                        Grade VII                     Grade VIII
Senior Certificate          Recital – Junior, Intermediate and Advanced

Piano Duets grades are:  Preparatory, Junior, Middle and Senior.
Chamber Music, School Orchestra, Vocal Duets, Class Singing and Óráidíocht grades are:  Junior, Middle and Senior.

Choral Singing grades are:  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Standard.
RIAM CARA Awards: Céim 1, Céim 2 and Céim 3; Taisteal 1, Taisteal 2 and Taisteal 3
Choric Verse-Speaking the grades are: Kindergarten, Preliminary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

Oral Communication and Performance:  Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Advanced.
English as a Second Language:  Preliminary, Intermediate and Senior.

2   Subjects

I   Written Examinations:        Theory and Harmony
Speech and Drama (Senior Certificate)

II  Practical Examinations:
Aural Tests/Theory            Descant Recorder             Singing/Music Theatre Singing
Recital Programme            Treble Recorder                Vocal Duets
Pianoforte                          Group Recorder                Class/Choral Singing
Pianoforte Duets               Flute                                   Speech & Drama/Deaslabhra
Classical Accordion          Clarinet                              Stage School Performance
Organ                                 Oboe                                  Interview Techniques
Harpsichord                       Bassoon                             Bilingual Speech & Drama
Choral Groups                   Saxophone                         Public Speaking/Óráidíocht
Violin                                  Trumpet                              Choral Verse Speaking
Viola                                   French Horn                      Cór-Reachtaireacht
Violoncello                        E Flat Tenor Horn              Reading Prose and Poetry
Double Bass                    Trombone                            Solo/Duologue/Group Drama
Concert Harp                   Baritone/Euphonium          Solo Verse Speaking
Irish Harp                         Tuba                                     English as a Second Language
Classical Guitar               Percussion                           Oral Performance/Group Exam
Chamber Music               School Orchestra               Creative Performance

Prescribed pieces and requirements for each of these subjects are printed in the Keyboard, Strings, Woodwind, Brass & Percussion and Singing Syllabi or in the Speech and Drama Syllabus.

3) Division of Marks

Elementary to Grade V:                                     Grade VI to Grade VIII:
Piece 1: 20 Marks                                                         Piece 1: 20 Marks
Piece 2: 20 Marks                                                         Piece 1: 20 Marks
Piece 3: 20 Marks                                                         Piece 1: 20 Marks
Scales and Arpeggios: 15 Marks                                Scales and Arpeggios: 15 Marks
Sight Reading: 10 Marks                                             Sight Reading: 10 Marks
Aural Tests: 10 Marks                                                  Aural and Theoretical Tests: 15 Marks
Theory: 5 Marks

Total: 100 Marks                                                          Total: 100 Marks

Senior Certificate:                                               Music Theatre and Popular Singing:
Piece 1: 20 Marks                                                         Piece 1: 20 Marks
Piece 2: 20 Marks                                                         Piece 2: 20 Marks
Piece 3: 20 Marks                                                         Piece 3: 20 Marks
Scales and Arpeggios: 15 Marks                                Scales and Arpeggios: 10 Marks
Sight Reading: 10 Marks                                             Musicianship Tests: 10 Marks
Aural Tests: 10 Marks                                                  Presentation: 10 Marks
Viva Voce: 5 Marks                                                       General Knowledge: 10 Marks

Total: 100 Marks                                                           Total: 100 Marks



4) Recital Certificate Programme
This programme has a pass mark of 70% and the results will be divided as follows:

(a) Technical Ability                                                      –     30%
(b) Interpretation                                                          –      30%
(c) Overall Impression & Choice of Programme        –     40%
Total maximum percentage:                                             100%

Candidates are awarded a pass mark in this examination if they attain 70% (distinction, honours and merit do not apply). In each category, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced, medals will be awarded as follows:

(a)    Bronze     –    70% to 79%
(b)    Silver        –    80% to 89%
(c)    Gold         –     90% and over

In choosing pieces, candidates are free to choose from any source including any Local Centre Syllabus – provided the pieces comply with the minimum standard requirement.  However, candidates are actively encouraged to programme away from the grade syllabus and show some initiative in exploring other repertoire. Over-reliance on syllabus material will be noted, and may result in some loss of marks.

A candidate sitting a Recital Certificate examination is required to provide original copies of his/her music for the examiner. This applies particularly to new unpublished contemporary works, including any of the candidate’s own compositions.  A list of the works to be performed is also required.