Special Notices

Please take particular care to read these notices before submitting entries to Local Centre Examinations.

All RIAM Local Centre Exam Syllabi (except piano) extended until December 2019

The RIAM Local Centre has decided to extend all syllabi, except piano, until the end of 2019. In 2019 candidates and teachers will have the option of working from the current or the new syllabi.

The forthcoming piano syllabus and albums will be available at the end of June 2018.

Current Exam Syllabi

All current syllabi are available to download from this website or may be obtained from the Local Centre Office.


The Academy is pleased to announce the launch of the first RIAM Pianoforte Scales Book which is now available from good music stockists.

Aural Tests

Candidates are advised to be aware of the new aural requirements introduced in 2012 for Senior Certificate grade (see individual syllabi 2015-2018 for details) and Music Theatre Singing.

The Academy is pleased to announce the publication of two new aural test sample test books – Junior and Senior – which are available from good music stockists.

Recital Certificate Programme

Candidates are required to provide a performance list and original music for the examiner at all recital programme examinations. In choosing pieces, candidates are free to choose from any source including any Local Centre Syllabus – provided the pieces comply with the minimum standard requirement. However, candidates are actively encouraged to programme away from the grade syllabus and show some initiative in exploring other repertoire.  Over-reliance on syllabus material will be noted, and may result in some loss of marks. The structure of the Recital Certificate Programme has been altered. For full particulars please refer to individual syllabi.

Candidates with Special Needs

Please refer to Section 17 of the Examination Regulations for details of our Special Needs Entry Form. The entry form is available to download Special Needs Form

Theory & Harmony – Grades Preparatory to Senior Certificate

Copies of past examination papers are available from the Local Centre Office for a small fee.

The publication Music Workout by Jean Archibald and Bernadette Marmion is a series of theory workbooks based on the syllabus of the Local Centre examinations. Each workbook (Preparatory to Grade 8) includes detailed explanatory notes. This material also provides useful preparation for the ‘reading’ elements of the Aural Tests programme (practical music exams).

Theory Guidelines for Speech & Drama Candidates

A set of theory guidelines may be downloaded here


Let’s Get Reading by Jean Archibald and Marie Moran is a series of piano sight-reading books designed to introduce and develop the skills of sight-reading in an easy and musically attractive way. The full set of books (Preliminary to Senior Certificate) is now available.

Two sample Sight-Reading Books for Pianoforte, covering Grades I to V and VI to Senior Certificate respectively, are available from music suppliers.

Music Downloads

Candidates using music purchased online must produce proof of purchase on the examination day.

Piano Accompaniments and Backing Tracks

Candidates should note that an accompaniment backing track may be used for one piece/song only. This applies to flute, music theatre and popular singing only. Piano accompaniment must be used in all other cases.

Piano Album Music Recordings

CDs of the Elementary to Grade V 2018 piano pieces, performed by Réamonn Keary, are available from music suppliers. (CDs for Grades VI, VII and VIII 2015-2018 are on sale with the Piano Albums).

The 2018 piano tracks can also be purchased and downloaded from the shop on the RIAM Teaching & Learning Network website.

Invitation for Piano Syllabus Compositions

The Academy wishes to invite composition submissions for possible inclusion in Piano Albums Elementary Grade to Grade V. Further details are available here.

Composition Competition

Attention is drawn to the Local Centre Composition Competition for students under 18.

Freqently Asked Questions

This section will be updated from time to time and includes some elaboration on the Requirements for Practical Examinations Section 16 on page 17 of this booklet.

Online Applications

The RIAM Extranet may also be accessed through a link on the home page online entries . New applicants will be required to register on the extranet site. Registered applicants will receive valid usernames and passwords by email. Details of all successful online applications will be confirmed by email.

The office should be contacted if confirmation of an online transaction is not received.