RIAM Cara Awards

In response to the upsurge of school-based and group instrumental tuition, we are delighted to introduce our new evaluation programme, the RIAM Cara Awards. The main aim of the award is to help beginners to set goals of achievement as they start on their musical journey. These Awards are ideally suited to a wide range of students who are learning in a group environment, from primary and post primary schools, transition year students, bands and music schools, to youth and homework clubs and school completion programmes.

Breaking down genre barriers has been key in the initiation of these Awards and the repertoire lists endeavour to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. To alleviate excessive costs, every effort has been made to use repertoire from a concise number of tutor books for each instrument. In addition, the option to use CD accompaniment will endeavour to help keep the cost of participation accessible.

The RIAM Cara Awards are less intensive than our graded examination system and are structured in three stages or Céimeanna. Alongside their group piece, students prepare a solo piece, a simple technical section (scale or exercise) and some musicianship tests, thereby developing the key areas in a beginner’s musical development.

We have listed repertoire for the following instruments: violin, cello, guitar, keyboard, recorder, flute, clarinet, trumpet, singing and traditional instruments.

We hope that teachers and students working in the group environment will find these awards ideally suited to their needs and enjoy presenting for their RIAM Cara Awards.

Hilda Milner
Project Leader