RIAM Diplomas

The Royal Irish Academy of Music Diploma programmes are intended to provide a framework for the development of performing and teaching skills and to address the needs of many musicians. Having achieved this validation, successful candidates will have greatly enhanced their reputation and employment opportunities and the assurance provided, both for performers and teachers, will inspire greater confidence and personal satisfaction.

Examinations for the Academy’s Associate [ARIAM] Teacher or Performer and Licentiate [LRIAM] Teacher or Performer  are offered in Music subjects, Speech & Drama and Composition, Harmony and Counterpoint.  Students of the Academy and external students are eligible to enter.

Requirements for RIAM Diploma examinations are detailed in the Diploma Syllabii listed below or you can purchase  a copy from the General Office [cost per Syllabus €10.00].  When sending remittance please state which of the following syllabii you require:




Speech and Drama


Wind, Brass, Percussion Diploma Syllabus