Special Needs

Candidates with Special Needs

The Academy is happy to accommodate candidates with Special Needs. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for all performers to use the Local Centre Examination System.  We are aware that candidates’ needs differ greatly. With this in mind the requirements of each candidate with special needs are considered independently. Therefore it is essential that the special needs entry form is completed, and submitted at the time of application.

The RIAM can offer various provisions to enable our special needs candidates to participate in practical and theory examinations and recital certificate programmes. However, it should be noted that we do not offer any dispensation in the marking – every candidate is assessed on the same basis.

The application form is available from the RIAM Local Centre office or may be downloaded Special Needs Form

The Special Needs Entry Form includes the following information/options:

  • category of special need
  • order in which the candidate wishes to take different parts of the examination (if required)
  • request for wheelchair access
  • request for parent or carer to be present at the examination
  • sight-reading options for visually impaired candidates (eg large notation, Braille tests, second aural test)

When completed the form should be accompanied by a letter outlining the candidate’s particular need or disability from one of the following: a psychologist, a special needs teacher, a school principal or a primary school class teacher.

Candidates entered on this application form will be allocated extra time as follows:

  • Grades Elementary to I and the Junior Recital Certificate – 2 minutes extra
  • Grades II to V and the Intermediate Recital Certificate – 3 minutes extra
  • Grade VI to Senior Certificate and the Advanced Recital Certificate –5 minutes extra