Foundation Course in Conducting

This Foundation Course is open to internal students of the Academy, external students and music teachers in second and third level institutions. Applicants should be competent and mature students (musically speaking) and ideally should have some experience in conducting orchestras, choirs, musical societies, wind ensembles, bands etc.

The conducting class will work from time to time with a pianist, and in addition, will have some access to the Academy’s orchestras, choirs and opera class on a limited number of occasions during the year.   A set repertoire will be established at the beginning of each year, and will include music from the current RIAM orchestral and choral repertoire. The course will cover all aspects of Conducting, including baton technique, rehearsal technique, score-reading and interpretation.

On completion of the Course, each student will undertake an examination which will consist of a conducting demonstration.  This, combined with an assessment of the years work, will entitle the successful student to receive a Certificate of completion of the Course. The last two or three class times in May will be set aside for the end of the Course Examination. NB There will be no class during Easter Week.

Auditions will be held during the first two weeks of May and successful acceptance on this course will be based on the results of an interview which will include aural tests and the information that one has submitted in their Curriculum Vitae.

Prospective applicants are required to fill out a application form and comply with the audition procedures.  The completed form with the relevant application fee (non-refundable) should be submitted by the closing date, which is displayed on the application form. For details of fees and any other queries, please contact the General Office.

Course Duration: 1 Year

Number of Weeks: 30

Duration of lesson: 2 Hours per week [Group Class]

Details of Entry Criteria