Marta Erdei

Marta ErdeiHungarian Márta Erdei began her studies at the Kodály Conservatory in Kecskemét before studying with Edit Hambalkó and Márta Gulyás at the prestigious Liszt Academy.  In 1995 she moved to the USA to continue her studies at Indiana University with Edmund Battersby, Shigeo Neriki, György Sebök and Leonard Hokanson, receiving a “Doctor of Musical Art in Piano Performance” in 2003.

Márta enjoys an active performing career as both solo and chamber musician, having given recitals in Hungary, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Greece, the United States and Taiwan. She has broadcast for the Hungarian Radio, BBC, NBC, RTÉ and has recorded for the Hungaroton Classic label.  A champion of contemporary music in her homeland, Márta has premièred and recorded compositions by such prominent Hungarian composers as János Vajda, György Csemiczky and György Orbán.  In Ireland she joined the contemporary music groups Vox 21 in 2002 and the Crash Ensemble in 2006 and has given solo and chamber music performances in the Mostly Modern Series and the RTÉ Living Music Festival.

In 1997 Márta was appointed Edmund Battersby’s Teaching Assistant at Indiana University. Whilst at Indiana, she also worked as accompanist in the classes of such distinguished musicians as of János Starker, Franco Gulli, and James King. Since 1991 Márta has taught chamber music at the International Kodály Seminar in Kecskemét, as well as in summer sessions of the Kodály Institute at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. She worked as a vocal coach for Mrs. Zoltán Kodály’s class at the the Kodály Seminar in 1989 and at the Academy of Drama in Budapest between 1993 and 1995. In 1998 the Kodály Society of Taiwan invited her to lecture and teach in Taipei and Swinzu.  In 2001 Márta joined the Teaching Staff of the RIAM as a Lecturer in Piano.