Students must enroll and attend Musicianship classes in addition to their instrumental/vocal tuition at the commencement of the Academic year in which they turn eight years of age.

We strongly believe that in order to play music well, every musician must understand the ‘mechanics’ of music too. Our Musicianship classes are filled with variety, as each student will learn to write musical notation, compose, study the history of music and will also have ear training. These classes are not open to students outside the RIAM.

In addition to this, the faculty runs a range of courses/classes that cater for a broad range of musical interests. These include classes and courses in:

All of the above  are open to students outside the Academy. Our lively and enthusiastic teachers are leaders in the field of academic music research and include international composers and performers. We provide interesting and stimulating tuition in various aspects of music study and are delighted to share our skills and love of music with enthusiastic fellow music makers.