String Faculty

Entry Criteria

  • Absolute beginners will be offered a place on our two year mandatory Introductory to Violin Classes [no audition will be required for these classes].
  • Absolute beginners over the age of 10 will not be accepted for the following String Instruments:-

Double Bass
Classical Guitar
Concert Harp
Irish Harp

Audition Criteria

  • Applicants over the age of 20 who have not attained a standard of at least RIAM Grade 8 or its equivalent will not be considered. [In certain circumstances, applicants who have no formal qualifications but who have taken their studies to the equivalent standards as outlined above may, under such circumstances, apply and will have their application duly considered. However, where possible, some form of evidence of such attainment should be submitted with the application].
  • Auditions for absolute beginners will generally take between 5 – 7 minutes and will consist of simple rhythm and ear tests.
  • Applicants who are between RIAM Preliminary grade and RIAM Grade 2 or equivalent should prepare two pieces for audition. They should also be prepared to play some scales and arpeggios appropriate to their current standard.  [The audition will generally take 5 – 10 minutes].
  • Applicants who are at RIAM Grade 3 standard and above or equivalent should prepare at least two pieces for the audition. They should also be prepared to play scales and arpeggios appropriate to their current standard. [The audition will generally take 7 – 12 minutes].
  • The audition panel may ask applicants to perform a short sight-reading test. Non beginners should be prepared to undergo a possible short sight-reading test; the standard asked will be appropriate to the applicant’s current level.
  • Please note timings assigned are only guidelines and the audition panel reserves the right to deviate from these timings. Some auditions may be longer or shorter than the stated guidelines; this is due to the specific determinations as deemed necessary by the auditioning panel for each specific candidate.