Two-year Introductory Violin Classes

From September 2018 all absolute beginner students applying for Violin at RIAM will automatically be placed in our two-year mandatory Introductory Violin Class. This one-hour class over 30 weeks for two academic years  will be a group class with 3 – 5 beginners and they will be introduced to the violin in a fun and educational way.

The classes will cover:
• Basic violin technique – bowing technique, fingering, relaxation, posture
• Reading pitches and rhythms in violin music
• Playing easy violin repertoire
• Playing easy violin duets with classmates and teacher
• Scales
• All about the violin as an instrument
This introductory class is designed to give all violin beginners a chance to learn the basics above before moving to one-to-one tuition, if so desired.

No audition is required for this introductory class.

If you child is an absolute beginner and you wish they to enrol in these classes, please complete the online application form by December 1st