Vacancy – Head of Strings

new riam logoJob summary

  • Responsible to: Director
  • Term: 5 years fixed term contract (first year probationary)
  • Start date: 27 August 2018
  • Full-time contract to include 12 hours teaching and the balance in administration
  • Interviews to take place in December 2017
  • One or two rounds of interviews shall take place at the panel’s discretion

Job purpose

The position of Faculty Head is designed to facilitate the management of each Academy Faculty to achieve and maintain the highest possible academic, musical and professional standards.

You will lead and develop the RIAM String Faculty strategically and manage all assigned staff in line with RIAM policy. You will also make a significant contribution to the continuous enhancement of the Faculty, thereby ensuring its continued academic, artistic and professional relevance. You will therefore be key in facilitating an excellent student and stakeholder experience across the RIAM’s four educational areas: the part-time students, the full-time students the Local Centre Examination System, and the RIAM Teaching Network.

As a member of the RIAM Board of Studies, you will help drive the academic strategy of the RIAM, in particular contributing to the successful implementation of aims and objectives in the RIAM Strategic Plan 2020.

You will be required to recruit and maintain home and international students as a top priority.

In addition, you will be expected actively to contribute to research and/or other modes of income generation in line with RIAM’s expectations. You will work closely with the Director and staff to ensure the quality of String provision in addition to the effective and efficient coordination and management of the Strings Department. You will build and maintain a strong department through staff recruitment, retention and key master classes.

Working closely with the Director, you will create and facilitate a learning environment where students can fulfil their potential and equip them with the knowledge and skills for both non-professional and professional music training.

You will initiate and maintain high-level contacts with the professions and our partner orchestras in Ireland and will develop and nurture links with our key potential partner organisations (private music teachers, specialist music schools, National Concert Hall, RTE, National Youth Orchestra of Ireland etc).

You will also be expected to contribute to the management and development of the RIAM as a whole, and will be required to uphold the highest standards of governance, probity and accountability in all aspects of your role.


Operating Environment:
The RIAM offers an exciting, varied and deeply rewarding working environment. You will operate in an academic environment, which may include venues and locations outside of RIAM’s premises.

Framework and Boundaries:
You will be responsible for the implementation of all RIAM policies, ensuring that staff are aware of them and abide by them. You will monitor the implementation of such policies and be responsible for taking any necessary action arising. In particular, there is a high level of accountability for ensuring that effective health and safety practices are embedded in all aspects of the work of the faculty, and that required standards are met.

You will be required to lead and manage a team following a time of significant change within the RIAM and within the sector in Ireland. The requirement is to lead and strengthen the Faculty in terms of quality in all aspects of its operation. You will be expected to contribute to the continuous improvement of the RIAM’s management and academic management systems.

The RIAM expects a high level of responsibility and accountability in posts that manage staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

Knowledge and Experience

Application Process