Royal Irish Academy of Music

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion

Message from Prof. Deborah Kelleher, RIAM Director, on diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion at RIAM:

At RIAM we are at the beginning of a long journey of embedding diversity and inclusion into the core of what we do. Our mission is to be a safe and supportive environment for all who work and study with us. As we consider our place within the European and international conservatoire communities, we want to ensure that we are adapting, innovating and inspiring excellence while fostering positive relationships with our staff, students and stakeholders. 

As part of this commitment, we are delighted to have enlisted the help of inclusion expert Dr Enya Doyle, who will advise us on our journey. Dr Doyle has a wealth of knowledge and experience in carrying out inclusion research, audits and training within the arts and education sectors, particularly in music. She is currently undertaking an audit of our data and the culture across our six learner groups, encompassing both staff and students. Dr Doyle will also help us to establish and roll out a clear DEAI roadmap based on her findings.