Diploma in Community & Group Music Teaching

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  • Course duration
    1 year (part-time)
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Course Introduction

The RIAM Diploma in Community and Group Music Teaching equips musicians with the practical tools and skillset required for a career in music education, preparing them to teach music confidently and effectively in both the community and classroom setting.

During the course of six intensive weekends over the academic year, students will develop their musical, pedagogical, and project management skills, receiving specific training in ensemble direction and conducting, arrangement and orchestration, music technology, rehearsal technique, project management, and group teaching practices—with new additions to the curriculum on remote teaching methods, aimed at preparing candidates to teach in a post-Covid-19 landscape. Training is led by RIAM faculty, selected as leaders in their respective fields.

This programme course is open to musicians of all styles and genres, who are motivated to bring their skills to the wider community, to inspire enthusiasm and passion in their students, and to support students’ personal development through music.

Upon completing this course, our Diploma graduate will be a well-rounded musician, educator, and advocate for music education within their community.

* LATE APPLICATIONS: Late applications may be considered until all places have been filled. Due to the popularity of this course, early application is particularly advised. If you wish to make a late application, please apply as normal and our team will be in touch to update on availability.

Note: Due to social distancing measures in the academic year 2021/22, our tutors have adapted the curriculum to a blended learning format. Tuition can be delivered online and course modules have been adapted if COVID-19 restrictions impact live classes.

Course Outline

This one-year programme takes place over 6 intensive weekends between September and June of each academic year. Approximately half of the tuition time in the academic year will be delivered through online remote teaching, with some portions delivered on-site on the RIAM campus in Dublin, where appropriate. On-site placements in schools and community settings can be completed either online or in person.

Modules offered include:

  • Educational Practice & Project Management
  • Conducting & Ensemble Direction
  • Ensemble Performance
  • Arrangement & Orchestration
  • Teaching for Voice
  • Multi-Instrument Tuition
  • Group Instrumental Development
  • Improvisation in Practise
  • Pre-instrumental Teaching
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Music Technology
  • Percussion instruments in the school environment

The provisional schedule for the year is as follows:

Weekend 1 

Saturday 25th September | On-Site at RIAM Campus

Sunday 26th September | Remote Online Delivery

Weekend 2

Saturday 23rd October | Remote Online Delivery

Sunday 24th October| Remote Online Delivery

Weekend 3

Saturday 27th November | On-Site at RIAM Campus

Sunday 28th November | Remote Online Delivery

Weekend 4

Saturday 26th February | On-Site at RIAM Campus

Saturday 27th Feb | Remote Online Delivery

Weekend 5

Saturday 16th April | On-Site at RIAM Campus

Sunday 17th April | Remote Online Delivery

Weekend 6

Saturday 21st May | On-Site at RIAM Campus

Sunday 22nd May | On-Site at RIAM Campus

Entry Requirements

There are no prescribed formal application qualifications needed to apply for this course. As this programme is not specific to a style or genre, we welcome applications from students who can indicate competence in music performance through a variety of means (performance profile, qualifications, teaching experience, professional experience in music).

Overall, we are looking for candidates who can demonstrate:

  • Skills in music performance
  • Musical literacy
  • A passion for creating music in the community setting

Course handbook