Diploma in Conducting

  • Application deadline
    12 April 2022 (Final Application Cycle)
  • Course duration
    1 year
  • Course fee
  • Course fee (non-EU/EEA)

Course Introduction

The aim of this 1-year course is to provide aspiring Conductors with practical and hands-on experience of rehearsing and performing with Orchestras or Wind Ensemble.  

On completion of the course the successful student will be equipped to meet the demands of rehearsing/conducting various genres.


Photo: Frances Marshall

Course Outline

The course will examine all aspects of conducting, baton technique, rehearsal technique, score reading, analysis and interpretation and will continually provide opportunities for practical conducting experience. 

Participants will conduct and rehearse the RIAM Intermediate Orchestra for the duration of the course. These rehearsals will be supervised by the course tutor. 

Participants will also act as assistant to the Directors/conductors of the RIAM performing groups.  These groups are as follows:

RIAM Symphony Orchestra, RIAM Intermediate Orchestra, RIAM Junior and Transition Strings, RIAM Wind Ensemble and RIAM Junior Band.

It is also envisaged that course participants will be involved in RIAM Opera presentations.

The course will be enhanced with supporting studies which are directly related to the needs of the student conductor. In some instances and depending on the student’s previous studies, the student may be exempt from supporting studies or those elements as defined by the Head of Musicianship at the entrance interview.

Works to be studied will include current repertoire of the RIAM performing ensembles. The RIAM Events calendar lists these works. Works will be agreed with the student’s Principal study (Conducting) and musicianship teachers in advance of commencement of the course. It is anticipated that works from each era, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century will be included.

Course Duration: 1 Academic Year (30 weeks)

Contact Hours: 

Principal Studies     [4 Hours per week] 

Supporting Studies [2 Hours per week]