How to Apply

Late applications deadline: 14 April, 4.00 pm

Note: applicants for Diploma in Group and Community Music Teaching should follow this link: How to Apply (DipComm)

To find out more about matriculation, English language and other requirements, visit the following pages:
Entry Requirements (Undergraduate)
Entry Requirements (Postgraduate)

Your application for RIAM undergraduate and postgraduate will consist of:

  1. Online application 
  2. Audition & Interview 
    • Submission of recorded performance & written theory test online 
    • Online interview and ear tests

Late applications, April 2021

We are still accepting late applications for a small number of courses (deadline: 14 April 2021, 4pm) and will hold a limited audition session in early May 2021.

1. Online application

Before making the online application, we recommend that you read our upload guide. This guide explains what we are looking for in the materials that we ask you to upload.

2. Audition and interview

In response to the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, RIAM's tertiary auditions will be conducted online in January 2021. Candidates will be contacted after the December 1st application deadline with information on the following 2 stage audition process.

STAGE 1: recorded performance and written theory test, submission window 19 - 22 April 2021

Candidates will be given a link to upload recordings, with undergraduates uploading two pieces totalling 15 minutes duration and postgraduates uploading a 20-minute programme of free choice.

Undergraduate vocal applicants are asked to submit the following for their recorded audition:

  1. An aria in Italian from the 17th or 18th century
  2. A song in English, German or French

Undergraduate and Access Programme candidates will also be given the link to a written music theory paper, which must be completed and uploaded during this January window.

Candidate recordings and music theory tests will be assessed by a panel of experts, and shortlisted candidates will go forward to stage 2.

STAGE 2: Interviews and ear tests May 2021

Shortlisted candidates from stage one will be invited to a Zoom interview, which will address their motivation to take part in the course and their career ambitions.

Bachelor and Diploma candidates will also be given an ear test at the conclusion of their Zoom interview, equivalent in standard to grade 6 RIAM Exams Aural Tests.

Download sample aural tests from the link below:

Sample Aural Tests (BMus & Diploma) 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact

For more information on any of the courses, visit our Degrees & Programmes pages.

RIAM offers bursaries to a selection of incoming students each year. For more information on this, visit our Scholarships & Bursaries page