Exam Syllabi

Junior RIAM Trumpet Student, Side View

Photo: Frances Marshall

Music grade exam syllabi are offered for solo performance on keyboard, string, wind, brass and percussion instruments and voice. Pieces include great examples for classical music, some jazz and popular styles, and also music by Irish composers. 

Syllabi also set scales, sight-reading and ear tests that develop your technique and general musicianship. By following these graded syllabi, you and your teacher can be confident that you are making progress, developing real skill in your chosen instrument and voice. 

Our Drama and Communications syllabus offers opportunities for students to explore and build creatively on their skills in areas such as poetry, drama, devising, improvisation and communication in different settings. It also includes options for bilingual performances through Irish and English and English as a foreign language.

Group examinations are offered through the Cara Awards, chamber music, recorder group, class singing and orchestral syllabi. 

Drama & Music 

Recital Medal Certificate programmes are available to encourage you to develop the art of performance, by being assessed on your playing of a programme of pieces, without the scales and ear tests. 

Our Diploma programmes provide a broad range of qualifications in teaching and performance. They are intended to appeal equally to those at the outset of their career as well as experienced practicing professionals in the field.  

Exam syllabi are an important part of your learning journey, providing guidance for teachers and students on music that is the right level for you.