ARIAM Diploma

ARIAM Associate Diploma

Next round of Exams:

Week of the 6th - 9th and/or 12th - 16th June (tbc)

Final exam dates will depend on the volume of applications and examiner availability.


Closing dates: 

  • 5:00 pm on Friday, April 21st, for the June examination session
  • 5:00 pm on Friday, September 29th, for the November/December examination session

All Diploma exams are held at the RIAM twice yearly during June and November/December. 

(Late applications cannot be accepted)

Following the closing date, the individual and group exams will be scheduled, and your individual schedule will be sent to you by email.


Please note:

  • ARIAM Diploma Exams in Harmony and Counterpoint are not available until September 2024



From Spring 2022 on, the application process for the ARIAM Diploma has been moved online.

Exam Dates

The dates and times displayed on the booking page, indicate the period during which the exam will be scheduled.

A specific date and time for group exams (Papers I & II / Aurals) as well as date and times for individual practical exams will be scheduled upon receipt of applications. Exam candidates will be informed about their final schedule individually.  


Application (Registration Process)

The online registration process is a two-step process:

Step 1:    Click the "ARIAM Online application" button to go to the booking website where you need to "Register" your exam.  

Fill in your details and select your relevant Exam option (Please note: The options are listed by fees [lowest to the highest], and are not grouped by exam type.) - Please only select "one" option. 

Pay for your booked exam online (Note: Payments can only be made with Credit/Debit Card)

Step 2:     Upon completion of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to an "Online Application" form. 

The Online Application form is an essential part of your registration and needs to be completed and submitted within the application deadline.

For any additional questions, please contact


Deferred exam candidates:

ARIAM Exam candidates who have been approved for a "deferral" of a previous exam round (due to illness or other certified circumstances), please contact to receive a  direct link to the online application form, subject to all due fees having been received for the previous round.


Please note: Past Papers (for written exam preparation) can be purchased by contacting 

ARIAM - Online Application

Please see below some commonly asked questions about the A/LRIAM Diploma. (for all other A/LRIAM related questions please contact

Q:           Are all pieces, and studies to be performed without music?

A:            All scales and arpeggios are to be played from memory. A/LRIAM Teacher Diploma candidates can use music scores for the practical exams. A/LRIAM Performance Diploma candidates have to play all pieces from memory.

[All music performed during your exam needs to be brought as an original score or verifiable sheet music (whether it is being used to play from or not). If you use music scores for playing, please bring an additional copy of each piece for the examiners.]


Q:           I am planning on sitting Section II and III. Will I need to attach my exemption for Section I: Theory as part of my application?

A:            You can apply for an exemption through the application form. Transcripts or proof of passed exam sections will then need to be submitted by email to (Note: All exemption requests are subject to approval)

For additional information please check the syllabus.


Q:           Would I be able to request to sit Section I and Section II on the same day?

A:            The scheduling of the exams is subject to various factors and personal preferences cannot be guaranteed. As a rule, Sections I and II are usually scheduled on the same day (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM) with Section III generally happening on a separate day.

Subjects & Syllabi:

Download current syllabi for the ARIAM below:

Fees (2023):

Associate (ARIAM) Teacher/Performer 

All sections €425 
Any two sections €375 
Any one section €325 

Associate (ARIAM)

All sections €425
Any one section €325

Theoretical Certificate 1 

All sections €375
Any two sections €300
Any one section €275

Theoretical Certificate 2

All sections €375
Any two sections €300
Any one section €275

ARIAM, Harmony & Counterpoint

All sections €425
Any two sections €375 
Any one section €325