ARIAM Associate Diploma

Closing dates: 

  • 4.00 pm on May 1st for the June/July examination session
  • 4.00 pm on October 10th for the November/December examination session
  • Note: If either of these dates fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday, the deadline for entries will close on the previous Friday at 4.00 pm

 All Diploma exams are held at the RIAM twice yearly during June/July and November/December. 

Subjects & Syllabi:

Current music syllabi and the application form for the ARIAM may be downloaded below:

Fees (2019):

Associate (ARIAM) Teacher/Performer:
All sections               €425
Any two sections  €375
Any one section  €325
Theoretical Certificate 1
All sections €375
Any two sections €300
Any one section €275
Theoretical Certificate 2
All sections €375
Any two sections €300
Any one section €275
ARIAM, Harmony & Counterpoint
All sections €425
Any two section €375
Any one section €325


Associate (ARIAM)
All sections €425
Any one section   €375