Errata in Exam Syllabi (from 2019)

ERRATA in Exam Syllabi from 2019 onward



Grade VI Knowledge of the following keys: C, G, D, F major. A, E, D minor.

Grade VII Knowledge of the following keys: Majors and minors to two sharps and two flats.

Grade VIII Knowledge of the following keys: Majors to three sharps and three flats and minors to two sharps and two flats.

Senior Cert Knowledge of the following keys: Majors to three sharps and three flats and minors to three sharps and three flats.



Grade IV

Philip Martin: “The Secret Question”: Bars 11 and 12 should indicate E natural in the LH notes (bar 11–beat 2 and bar 12–beat 1).

Aidan Duggan: “Rushing About”: Bar 21–beat 2: the notes of the RH chord (beat 2) should read: A flat–C–E flat–F sharp.



Grade VI

List A J.S.Bach: Minuet (I) from French Suite No. 2 BWV 775 (Some editions print Minuets I and II, but the requirement for exam presentation is Minuet I only).


Grade VII

List C Chopin: Cantabile: The syllabus should indicate that this piece is available in A Keyboard Anthology, 2nd series: Book IV (not 3rd series).


Grade VIII

List C Field: Nocturne No. 10 in E Minor. In some editions this Nocturne is listed as Nocturne No. 9 in E Minor. (In case of any confusion, John Field wrote just one Nocturne in E Minor).



Preliminary & Primary

Both of these grades state the following:

‘Candidates must perform three pieces from the lists below. One must be a study’. This phrase has caused some confusion. Ideally candidates will select two pieces from the first list and one from the second list, examiners will accept three pieces (studies) from the second list.



Scale and Arpeggio of A Major to begin on ‘Open A’ string (not on 1st finger G string as in syllabus example). Rhythm and bowing requirement as per syllabus example (page 16).

Grade III

List A J.S. Bach: Gavotte should indicate: BWV 1012


Grade IV

List A Corelli: Sonata Op. 5 No. 5 should indicate: movement 5 ‘Giga’

This can be found in Violin Sonatas Op. 5 volume 2, Wiener Urtext edition.

List A Dvořák: Scherzo from Sonatina in G Op. 100 should include the Trio and Scherzo Da Capo


Grade VIII Scales and Arpeggios should read:

Double Stops in Thirds: B flat Major

Double Stops in Sixths: E flat Major

List A Haydn: Concerto in G major, Hob VIIA, no 4 – Cadenza should be played.



Grade IV

List A Wohlfahrt: No 16 from Elementary Studies should read Op. 45 (not Op. 54).

List A Vivaldi: Concerto in D Minor should indicate 1st movement.


Grade VI

Scales and Arpeggios Double Stops should indicate: Played together or in broken chords.




Grade VI

List A F Conti: ‘Quella Fiamma’ – this piece is attributed to Marcello by some sources. It is the same song.



Grade III

List B Fauré: Song Without Words should indicate: Op. 17 No. 3

List B Adams: Andante Cantabile: This study is incorrectly listed under List B, it should be listed as a List C choice for exam performance.


Grade IV

List B Fauré: Berceuse is not to be confused with Berceuse from ‘Dolly Suite’


Grade VI

Mozart: K299 Andantino , 2nd movt (arr. for flute and piano) should be presented without Cadenza


Grade VII

Melodic Exercise should read ‘G Sharp Minor’



Grade I

List C German Dance (Key: F Major) is on page 19 of ‘Learn as you play Clarinet’


Grade V

Mozart: Minuet and Trio from Divertimento No. 3 (K439b) should indicate: 2nd movement


Grade VI

Hurlstone: Croon Song from Four Characteristic Pieces should read No. 2 (not No. 4)



Grade IV

List A Petit Jeu: Howard Ferguson is listed as composer in the syllabus. This piece was composed by Blémant, arranged by Howard Ferguson



Grade VI

List C Treble Study No. 103 is by Gariboldi and not Tulou


Senior Certificate

List A Bullard: No. 2 Breton Beret (Valse Mélancolique) is incorrectly listed in the syllabus. This piece is for Treble Recorder and should be listed in List B (not List A)


Grade VII, VIII and Senior Certificate

Melodic Exercises should be played on treble recorder, not descant as printed in the syllabus.



Grade III

List B A. Gout: Circus Clowns should read No. 5

Grade VII

List C Kopprasch: No. 36 or No. 43 from 60 Studies for Trombone should read Volume 2 (not Volume 1)



Grade II

List B Vivaldi: Allegro from Easy Concert Pieces for Trumpet should read Book 1 (not Book 2)