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Piano Syllabus

New Piano Exam Syllabus, 2023-2026

We are delighted to bring you the eagerly awaited Piano Syllabus for 2023-26. Students and teachers can use this syllabus from the Spring session of 2023. Please note that the current syllabus (2019-2022) can still be used in the Spring session of 2023. From Summer session 2023 onwards the new syllabus must only be used.

Click on the button below to view and download the syllabus.

Click on the button below to view and download the current 2019-2022 Piano Syllabus, which can only be used until the Spring 2023 session.

Piano Solo

Requirements and Structure 

Piano solo grade exams consist of:

  • performance of 3 pieces
  • scales & arpeggios
  • sight-reading
  • aural tests
  • theory questions.

From Grade VI–Senior Certificate, the aural and theoretical sections are combined. For Senior Certificate only, there is a brief viva voce section.

Our Grade Exams cater for all levels from Elementary to Senior Certificate. 

Piano Duet

Requirements and Structure

Piano duet exams consist of the performance of any two pieces from the list provided. 

Piano duet exams have four levels: Preparatory, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. 


All graded exams are marked out of 100. The pass mark is 60–69, pass with Merit 70–79, pass with Honours 80–89, and pass with Distinction 90+. 


The Piano solo & Piano duet syllabus can be downloaded from the link below. 

Piano syllabus