Recital Certificate

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The Recital Certificate allows you discover repertoire beyond that of graded exams, and explore works that specifically appeal to you. You will need to select your own programme of works, and there are no scales, sight-reading or aural tests. 

There is greater emphasis placed on creating sense of performance, including the ability to present a programme that is technically and musically secure. Variety is important and the Certificate offers a lot of freedom in the selection process.

Part of the preparation for this exam choice includes:

  • exploring the repertoire of a particular composer or period
  • becoming familiar with a variety of recordings and editions of the works chosen
  • attending live concerts for planning the programme
  • background research into the composers and works chosen
  • researching and writing programme notes 

Variety is not restricted to performing works from different eras: for example, you may be more at ease playing nineteenth-century works, a particular composer, or style. In this case, works entirely from this era/composer/style would be appropriate as long as there is variety throughout the programme; a complete sonatina or sonata would be equally suitable.

You may wish to consider a programme of contemporary music, and there is an abundance of works to explore in the Contemporary Music Centre ( 

Pieces do not have to be played from memory but you may do so if you are fully comfortable with playing from memory; most importantly, a sense of performance is expected in the room.


For general information about the Recital Certificate, please check the following PDF.

or check the Recital Certificate section in any of the below syllabi (except the Guitar Syllabus):