How to Apply (Degrees and Programmes)

Note: applicants for Diploma in Group and Community Music Teaching should follow this link: How to Apply (DipComm)

To find out more about matriculation, English language and other requirements, visit the following pages:
Entry Requirements (Undergraduate)
Entry Requirements (Postgraduate)

There are three parts to your application for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at RIAM:

  1. Online application
  2. Audition and interview
  3. Written test (undergraduate applicants only)

1. Online application

Before making the online application, we recommend that you read our upload guide. This guide explains what we are looking for in the materials that we ask you to upload.

2. Audition and interview

Shortlisted candidates will be offered the choice of a live interview/audition at the RIAM in Dublin, or a Skype interview (for international applicants). Auditions and interviews take place in January each year.

For the audition, we ask you to perform two contrasting pieces of your own choice. We recommend that you choose works that demonstrate different aspects for your technique and musical approach.

Vocal applicants must present works in two different languages.

Conductors will be assessed on recordings submitted with the online application. We ask you to prepare video footage of a performance where you can be seen conducting close up.

Directly after your audition, an interview will take place with the Panel. We will:

  • Ask you about your musical experience, interests and ambitions
  • Composers will have submitted a portfolio of compositions in advance of the interview. You will be asked to discuss your portfolio with the panel
  • Offer you the opportunity for you to ask questions about the course or about the RIAM

Overall, the panel is looking for candidates who can demonstrate:

  • An understanding of musical style
  • A solid foundation in musical skills
  • A passion about creating music
  • An interest in studying at the RIAM

3. Written test (undergraduate applicants only)

Undergraduate applicants take a written test, which checks your level of theoretical and aural skills.

Sample entrance papers can be downloaded below:

For more information on any of the courses, visit our Degrees & Programmes pages.

RIAM offers bursaries to a selection of incoming students each year. For more information on this, visit our Scholarships & Bursaries page