Orchestra String Section playing together

Bravi Tutti! Team Building

An orchestra works by taking individuals with unique sounds and strengths, and bringing them together to create an incredible sea of unified sound. Bravi Tutti! is a team-building opportunity which harnesses the collaborative nature, the creative energy, and the fun of music-making to re-energise and re-focus your team. Over the course of a morning, an afternoon, or a full day, your group—no matter their musical ability—will transform into one united orchestra, working in perfect harmony. Expert musicians from the Royal Irish Academy of Music will create a tailored experience for your team and guide them using clever techniques, allowing them to: 

· tap into their innate creativity 

· develop a deeper understanding of teammates and how best to work with them 

· achieve results that build confidence and defy expectations of their own abilities 

Building personal connections 

Music has always been used as a means to communicate, and flexing their interpersonal skills in the context of a joint musical mission will help your team-members to develop new ways to interact with one another and build healthy working connections

Redefining Possibilities 

Hearing the fruits of their combined efforts at the end of the session is a rewarding experience for every team-member, beyond the average company retreat. Learning new skills in a short space of time is a challenge that requires dedication, hard work, focus, and true collegiality from participants, but it will also completely redefine their perceived limitations. The end result will reframe your team’s conception of what can be accomplished—in a single day—when every member focuses their energies and collaborates effectively

How does it work? 

Pick and choose from any of the following options with your team for up to 2 hours at a venue of your choosing with one of RIAM’s skilled professionals or bring them all together to enjoy a full day of immersive team building, networking, and out of office collaboration that will enhance all your team members contribution. 

Tech—enjoy cutting-edge music-making through the use of tablets, computers, and even your own smartphones and devices. Learn how music through technology can help bring people together. 

Sing—the voice is a power and unique asset. Find new ways to identify yourself in a group and communicate in harmony with others. 

Play—everyone is musical in their own unique way. Bring your talents to the fore and find interesting new ways to sound out your ideas through accessible instruments and percussion. 

Introducing a refreshing musical interlude into a normal working week is not only a morale-boosting reward for your team’s hard work, but a means of creating a more effective team dynamic moving forward. Creative activities like Bravi Tutti! form new pathways in the brain, making for a more flexible, problem-solving approach in your team-members. It illustrates perfectly the amazing things that are made possible when everyone brings their unique strengths to a team and uses them to complement the strengths of their colleagues. Participants will leave on a high, with a fresh perspective on their working relationships and a sense of joint empowerment—they can try something new, and they can succeed, as a group.

If you would like to book a Bravi Tutti! Team Building Day or Workshop for your team, or if you are interested in attending an upcoming taster day for team leaders, contact RIAM Marketing & Development Executive Aoife Cuthbert at aoifecuthbert@riam.ie