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Online Tertiary Auditions January 2021

Published: 4th Nov, 2020
Photo: Chris Dowdall, December 2019

Auditions for RIAM's tertiary programmes will take place online in January 2021

In response to the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, RIAM's tertiary auditions will be conducted online in January 2021. Candidates will be contacted after the December 1st application deadline with information on the following 2 stage audition process.

STAGE 1: recorded performance and written theory test, submission window 11th to 15th January 2021

Candidates will be given a link to an Application and Examination Paper web form. On this site, candidates will be asked to provide application details and supply the link to their practical audition consisting of two pieces totalling 15 minutes duration and postgraduates uploading a 20-minute programme of free choice.

The performance must be unedited and should be completed in one take if possible, or as separate unedited pieces combined into one video. You should provide a single link for your audition video by uploading it to YouTube. Information on creating a YouTube link can be found by further down this email.

Please find information on how to make a YouTube video here.

Undergraduate vocal applicants are asked to submit the following for their recorded audition:

  1. An aria in Italian from the 17th or 18th century
  2. A song in English, German or French


  • Instrumental applicant video submission auditions may be performed accompanied, with a recorded track or without accompaniment. 
  • Vocal applicants should submit a video audition with either a piano accompaniment or a backing track, unless they are singing a folksong.

Undergraduate and Access Programme candidates will also be asked to complete a written music theory paper on the same website, which must be completed and submitted during this January window.

Candidate recordings and music theory tests will be assessed by a panel of experts, and shortlisted candidates will go forward to stage 2.

STAGE 2: Interviews and ear tests 25th to 29th January 2021

Shortlisted candidates from stage one will be invited to a Zoom interview, which will address their motivation to take part in the course and their career ambitions.

Bachelor and Diploma candidates will also be given an ear test at the conclusion of their Zoom interview, equivalent in standard to grade 6 RIAM Exams Aural Tests.

Download sample aural tests from the link below:

Sample Aural Tests (BMus & Diploma) 

If you have any questions about the process, please contact roisinmurphy@riam.ie

Entrance Submission & Examination Papers

In order to complete your application submission and entrance examination you will need to download a Resource Paper. 

The Exam should be completed by a combination of onscreen and written answers (you will be required to take a picture and upload the file)

Please follow the instructions on this Resource Paper, and the Online screen. Each question on this paper will correspond to one on the screen.

Written answers on this paper should be clear and visible for picture upload. You are recommended to use a dark, regular pencil or erasable pen.

Please ensure you have downloaded the correct paper and opened the correct link for your chosen course of study.

Access Submission & Entrance Exam

BMus & Teaching Dip Submission & Entrance Exam

BMus & Teaching Dip Year 2 Submission & Entrance Exam

BMus & Teaching Dip Year 3 Submission & Entrance Exam