Bill Dowdall playing the flute

'Playing the Flute with Bill Dowdall' Video Series Launch

Published: 3rd Dec, 2019

We are delighted to present a new series of videos which sees Academy Professor Bill Dowdall impart tips and tools for flute players and teachers, kindly sponsored by Trevor James Flutes. This wonderful new teaching and learning resource will cover topics such as warming up, breathing, harmonics, multiphonics, and more. 

Keep an eye on our social media channels for a new video release every Tuesday:

Tuesday 3rd Dec — Introduction & Warm Ups

Tuesday  10th Dec — Breathing

Tuesday 17th Dec— Tone Development

Tuesday 14th Jan— Multiphonics

Tuesday 21st Jan — Singing & Playing

Tuesday 28th Jan — Legato

Tuesday 4th Feb — Tonguing

Tuesday 11th Feb — Flutter Tonguing

Tuesday 18th Feb — Finger Technique

Tuesday 25th Feb  — Vibrato

Tuesday 10th Mar — Vibrato Part 2

Tuesday 24th Mar  — Harmonics

Tuesday 31st Mar  — Phrasing

New video release every Tuesday