Violin, narrow depth of field

About our Exams

RIAM Exams were founded in 1894 to support students of music and drama at every stage of their learning journey. Our team of examiners travel throughout the country to examine candidates in their own locality across the 32 counties of Ireland. Since our foundation, over 1,000,000 candidates have taken RIAM Exams. 

We provide an external and objective analysis of your progress through a graded music examination system. This helps you and your teacher to celebrate your progress, and focus on your next goals. 

Our syllabi outline the creative and technical milestones that need to be covered as you move from beginner to expert in your chosen instrument or voice. All RIAM syllabi proudly include works by Irish composers and writers. 

Group examinations are also offered through the Cara Awards, choir, chamber music, recorder group, class singing and orchestral syllabi. 

Recital Medal Certificate programmes are available to encourage students to develop the art of performance. 

The Academy is happy to accommodate candidates with Special Needs. We are aware that candidates’ needs differ greatly. With this in mind the requirements of each candidate with special needs are considered independently. Therefore it is essential that the special needs entry form is completed, and submitted at the time of application. 

RIAM Syllabi include: 

  • Keyboard 

  • String 

  • Wind, Brass and Percussion 

  • Voice 

  • Drama and Communication 

  • Ensemble Music Performance (including the Cara Awards) 

GOAL Performances

GOAL Performances are a flexible new way for performers of all abilities to check and celebrate their progress. Submitted digitally and open to Pop & Rock, Traditional, Folk, Jazz, and Drama performers, GOAL Performances provide helpful, mark-free feedback from a skilled RIAM professional, without the pressure of passing or failing an exam.