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Information for RIAM Theory Exam Candidates


We have developed an Online Theory Exam platform which candidates can experience in a safe and supported manner from home. Candidates will be able to complete their Theory Exam through an online platform using a computer or tablet.

THEORY EXAM DATE - 14th November, 2020

Due to the current Government guidelines and advice from the Public Health Authority the 19th of September date for previously postponed Theory Exams is now unfortunately postponed. Candidates will now be given the opportunity to achieve their musical milestone on the 14th November, 2020, through the new online platform.


You can continue your Theory teaching and learning in the usual manner, and no further action is needed right now. Teachers can continue to use their current resources as the exam will explore the same academic content as before. We will contact you again in October with guidance and information in order to complete the exam. 

Please note candidates will require a computer/tablet with internet access in order to complete the Exam. 


We have made some theory papers free to download in order to help you keep working towards your goal. The papers can be found here . The content and structure of these papers are all applicable to the Online Theory Exam to be held on the 14th November. Candidates will be expected to respond to a similar question style and layout as before


Applicants who apply for a Theory Exam in the upcoming Winter session will also complete their Exam online on the 14th of November. You can book your Exam by logging onto the booking platform here. The closing date for online applications is the 6th October, 2020. Postal applications cannot be accepted.

If you require further information please contact examsoffice@riam.ie