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Digital Recorded Music Exams

We are delighted to bring you exciting news about applying for RIAM Exams from 2021 onwards.

When applying for RIAM Exams you can choose from the following options:

  • Digital Recorded Grade/Recital Exams - choose your date to upload a video submission
  • Live Grade/Recital Exams - select your nearest centre, and let us know any inconvenient dates **
  • Online Theory Exams - we will send you the date, time, and weblink for your Exam
** We will do our best to accommodate inconvenient dates. We cannot guarantee that all requests can be met, due to centre and examiner availability.

We have made changes to our application system to make it easier for you to submit for an Exam; when you apply you will be given the option of choosing Digital Recorded or Live.

If your choice is a live in person exam, we will host you in a suitable centre.  You can indicate and choose your preferred centre, but the RIAM cannot guarantee your selections. 

Next Applications Open from 2 Sept 2020

Record your pieces from home and upload them during either of the two allotted periods below. When you apply for your Exam you can choose between Grade and Recital.

You will also be able to choose which upload window you prefer:

  • You can record your pieces anytime and have them ready well in advance whilst moving onto the next grade, then simply submit later when the time comes.
  • Alternatively, take more time to prepare and finalize your recording, then upload at the later time.

For more information to help you prepare for your Digital Recorded Exam click here

The Online Application System will guide you through making your preferred choice, click here to see more

If you prefer to have your exam in person we will host you in a suitable centre, subject to Government guidelines from the Public Health Authority. Due to COVID-19, we cannot guarantee your choice of centre or preferred dates, but we will do our best to make a reasonable accommodation.

We will be applying appropriate measures across all venues to ensure the health and safety of our students, families and staff. 

For more information to help you prepare for your next Live Exam click here.

Due to COVID-19 our 2020 Theory Exams moved online. As a result of the overwhelmingly positive response, we are happy to announce that Theory Exams will continue online for 2021. When you apply for your next RIAM Theory Exam, choose 'Theory' and select 'Music' or 'Drama & Communications' and you will automatically register for our Online System.

If you are new to Online Theory Exams, don't worry- every candidate will be given the chance to try a test paper on the system before the day of the actual Exam.

For more information on how Online Theory Exams work please click here