M Theory Videos

In recent years, the RIAM music theory exams have been growing in popularity. Working through the RIAM workbooks and sitting the exams is a great way for students to increase their understanding of the music that they are performing and it strengthens their overall music knowledge and appreciation. 

To help students on their journey with music theory, the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network commisioned a series of videos on some of the main aspects of music theory up through the grades. The videos have been created by Edgar Grunewald in collaboration with Marie Moran, the Head of the Musicianship Faculty in the Royal Irish Academy of Music. 

The M-Theory videos can be found in the Playlists section of the RIAM Teaching & Learning Network YouTube channel

About Edgar:

Edgar Grunewald is a music teacher and independent online content creator. He studied guitar, under Marion Hyland and Benjamin Dwyer, at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, earning a BA in Music performance, an LRIAM, and a Diploma in Music Teaching and Performance.

In 2014, after graduating from the RIAM, he created the YouTube channel Artifexian, an education video blog discussing the mathematics behind various aspects of genre fiction. In 2015, he founded The Artifexian Podcast which he currently co-hosts with fellow RIAM alumnus, Bill McGrath.

Off the back of the success of Artifexian, Edgar was asked to create a series of music theory videos for the RIAM Teaching and Learning Network. It brings him great joy knowing that he is now bringing his two great obsessions in life – music and maths – to a large online audience.

About Marie:

Marie Moran is the RIAM Head of Musicianship. She studied Music at Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy of Music. She has been a key member of the RIAM Musicianship Faculty since 1986, teaching music theory, orchestration, harmony and counterpoint, keyboard harmony and aural training. She also lectured in these subjects in Trinity College Dublin from 1986 to 1993. 

Marie has worked as a Local Centre examiner and has presented at various Local Centre Examinations seminars. She also participated in the RIAM’s Junior and Leaving Cert outreach programme in the National Concert Hall in association with the RIAM Symphony Orchestra.