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Information for RIAM Speech & Drama Exam Candidates

To help you achieve your personal milestone in these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the RIAM Exams team have created two flexible options so that exam candidates can take their exams at a time that suits them. Please make sure to select one of the below options by Sunday 3rd May.


For those teachers and candidates who wish to defer their exams until after their in-person lessons have resumed, we will transfer your exam to our next live sittings, which will take place between  21st September and 5th December (subject to Government Direction). All group exams (duets, duologues, choral exams, Cara, etc) must be deferred until this session.


For those teachers and candidates who are keen to get the exam done, we have introduced a temporary online exam submission option, enabling candidates with existing exam bookings to upload a pre-recorded video submission from their own home. Theory, and Conversation marks must be provided by your teacher, based on the work they have done with you during the year. Your teacher knows you best, and we will be happy to accept their professional judgement in this very special situation. 

Submitting a pre-recorded video exam is a four-step process:  

Step 1. Register

Fill in this form to register for an Online Exam.

Teachers who have applied for one or several candidates will receive email instructions to forward to the student (18 and over) or their parent/guardian (under 18). You will then receive a link by email to submit your online exam.

 You can undertake the exam at a time of your choosing between the 1st-14th June.

Step 2. Upload your playing

You will need to record and upload a video of you performing:           

·       Your examination pieces from the syllabus you have been working on (which may include, Drama, Poetry, Prose, Mime, Improvisation)

·       Choice of sight-reading passage, read aloud for the Examiner

You can record this video of at any time, and unlike a live sitting, you can try multiple takes to submit the best version. 

Step 3. Enter your teacher’s recommended marks

Once you have uploaded your video, you will be prompted to enter your teacher's recommended marks for the Theory, Conversation, and Literary Background sections through an online form.

Step 4. Submit your exam

To complete the process, simply press the Submit button on the form. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your entry.

If you would like more information on any of your options, you can contact examsoffice@riam.ie. We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

We are also aware that COVID 19 has put families under financial pressure, and we want to offer the opportunity for a full refund if this is the right course for you. Please fill in this form to avail of the refund option.

To make the process as easy as possible, we’ve created some helpful resources to guide you in recording and submitting your video recording