RIAM Publications


Piano Albums 
Piano Albums 2022 (Elementary/Primary/Preliminary to grade 5)  
Piano Albums 2019-2022 (Grades 6 to 8)  
Recordings of pieces from Piano albums are available here

Sample Aural Tests 
Junior Grade Book  (Digital Download of Audio Files:   LINK  (Grades Elementary - Grade I )   / LINK  (Grade II -  Grade V))
Senior Grade Book  

Music Theory 
Music Workout (Preparatory to Grade 8)
Theory of Music past papers are available here

Piano Sight-Reading 
Let’s Get Reading (Preliminary, Primary, Grades 1 – 5)  
Let’s Read Some More (Grades 6, 7, 8/Senior Certificate) 

Sample Sight Reading: These free samples can be used to get an idea of the standard for RIAM Exams: 

Classical Guitar e-Books: These can be used for the Classical Guitar Exam Syllabus, Preliminary, Primary & Grade 1. The e-books can be downloaded for free from the links below.