RIAM Publications


Piano Albums 
Piano Albums 2021 (Elementary/Primary/Preliminary to grade 5)  
Piano Albums 2019-2022 (Grades 6 to 8)  
Recordings of pieces from Piano albums are available here

Sample Aural Tests 
Junior Grade Book  
Senior Grade Book  

Music Theory 
Music Workout (Preparatory to Grade 8)
Theory of Music past papers are available here

Piano Sight-Reading 
Let’s Get Reading (Preliminary, Primary, Grades 1 – 5)  
Let’s Read Some More (Grades 6, 7, 8/Senior Certificate) 

Sample Sight Reading: These free samples can be used to get an idea of the standard for RIAM Exams: 

Classical Guitar e-Books: These can be used for the Classical Guitar Exam Syllabus, Preliminary, Primary & Grade 1. The e-books can be downloaded for free from the links below.