Intermediate Jazz Piano Lessons

  • Date(s)
    From September 2022
  • Duration
    12 Weeks
  • Mode of Delivery
    In Person
  • Venue
    Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • Fee

Course Introduction

Adult Intermediate Jazz Piano Lessons are suitable for grade 3-5 level. This 12-week evening course offers adults the opportunity to develop Jazz piano skills from an existing basic knowledge.

Taught through small group classes, this intensive immersion in jazz piano will help pianists build upon foundation skills and technique in a collaborative and encouraging environment.

The teacher will focus on building chords, reading chord charts, elementary improvisation, creating melodies and ensemble skills. Repertoire includes Jazz standards and original music.

The final class will see participants making their Jazz debut, supported by a professional backing ensemble of piano, stand-up bass and saxophone to an invited audience of friends and family. Motivated students are encouraged to re-apply for Part 2, continuing their development in the Spring/Summer term.


  • Students must be 18+
  • Beginner level piano experience

Course Outline

The course programmes are designed to ensure that your learning outcomes are based upon your experience when you begin, and what you wish to achieve during your course of study.

There are no mandatory exams or assessments with Adult Division group lessons, but can be agreed with your tutor through the duration of your course.

Group classes can look forward to a faculty expert leading their classes, as well as a formative learning environment through peer-to-peer learning. Class concerts and recordings will present fun and motivational challenges for you and your study colleagues.

Join like-minded adult learners today in exploring your passion for music performance, no matter what level or experience you have.

Entry Requirements

  • Students must be 18+
  • Beginner level piano experience