Well Sing Choir

  • Date(s)
    Wednesdays, 12:00pm From 25 Jan
  • Duration
    10 Weeks
  • Time
    12.00pm - 1.30pm
  • Mode of Delivery
    In Person
  • Venue
    Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • Fee

Course Introduction


(If you are interested to join the WELL SING CHOIR for the next term, please contact adultdivision@riam.ie to get your name on a waiting list).


Expert choir conductor Mary Amond O'Brien leads the Well Sing Choir with a regular 10-week ensemble class that supports singers of all interests. 

RIAM’s ‘Well Sing Choir’ is for anyone who just simply likes to sing.  The ordinary act of singing can turn into something extraordinary when a group of ‘singing loving’ people come together.  Do you sing around the house?  In the shower? In the company of friends or on a night out? If so, this choir is for you! 

Maybe you sang in your school or college choir?  Maybe like some you were told you were not good enough or placed in the back row and told to ‘mouth the words’ and have not sung since? Maybe you are at a stage in life where you now have the time to renew your passion for singing? 

Drawing on a ‘bloom where you are planted’ / ‘keep going keep growing’ approach to learning alongside honouring the musical and singing potential of every participant, no previous choir experience or music literacy is required. 

Worldwide research and most recent Irish research tell us that the release of happy chemicals,  improved mood and overall well-being are by-products of group singing.  Octogenarian folk singer Peggy Seeger says ‘the physical act of singing vibrates every bit of your body and make you feel hopeful”.  We all need to feel hopeful!

Group Singing is a life-enriching activity that can last a lifetime.  As Martin Luther said “As long as we live there is never enough singing”.  

Participants of all ages are welcome to join, and expect a regular cup of tea/coffee and a chat to accompany your experience.


Participants must be 18+

Learning Outcomes

RIAM's 'Well Sing Choir' is a 10-week course that explores key themes in wellbeing through singing:

  • Social connections: choir singing offers an opportunity to meet new people and develop social skills through social connection, bonding, and social inclusion

  • Improved respiratory health: regular singing may help improve blood pressure, posture, and help reduce physical pain and muscle tension

  • Good for the brain: singing in a choir keeps the brain active, is mentally stimulating, and challenges discipline within concentration and memory

  • Good for mental health: singing can alleviate low mood or anxiety, and may help to fend off depression

  • Singing is fun: having fun with old and new friends, sharing laughter and a smile through uplifting and motivational music