Junior Violinist

Scholarship Fund

Every academic year, the RIAM awards close to €200,000 in scholarship aid to its students.  These include merit scholarships for students who have really done well in their exams.  However, the lion’s share of scholarships (almost 80%) are awarded to extremely talented students who are in real need of financial aid.

Your gift could enable us to help students to unlock the joy of learning music or help existing students stay with their studies.  Your gift really could make that critical difference and please know that 100% of your gift will go towards the scholarship fund.

Scholarships can be endowed and named over a number of years or can be given anonymously.  We can keep you up to date on your students’ progress and in some cases, with our third-level students, make a personal introduction for you so that you can join them in their musical development.

To learn more about our scholarship fund, please contact:

Audrey Phelan, RIAM's Head of Development, on:

Tel: +353 87 685 3726 | Mail: AudreyPhelan@riam.ie