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How to Apply: Junior RIAM

Welcome to Junior RIAM Applications

Junior RIAM offers a fantastic array of courses, from beginner group classes, orchestras, bands and choirs to individual instrumental and vocal tuition, with some of Ireland’s finest teachers.

Our Early Years programmes are suitable for young children wishing to start their musical journey in Ireland’s national conservatoire. No audition is required and to find out more about our Pre-Instrumental and Beginner Classes, please visit our Early Years page. 

Individual instrumental or vocal lessons with our wonderful teachers are in high demand and places are awarded following the completion of an online application and a short audition submitted via video recording.

Junior RIAM students who play an applicable instrument will be allocated to one of our fine selection of bands and orchestras. Places in these ensembles are also open to applications from students who receive tuition externally. 

Applications are also welcomed for Junior Choir and we encourage instrumental as well as vocal students to participate in our choirs. 

The Junior RIAM entry & audition requirements are outlined below and applicants will be contacted following the closing date with more detailed information on the audition process.

Junior RIAM applications closed on 24th February 2023.

Applications for Pre-instrumental & Early Years Training closes May 19th 2023.

For a step-by-step guide to RIAM's online application system, please refer to this guide detailing each step of the application.

Junior RIAM Application Guide

Those aged 18 and above who are interested in attending the Royal Irish Academy of Music should email adultdivision@riam.ie to get further information about opportunities available.

If you have any questions on the application process or system, please refer to our FAQ below

Application FAQ


Instrumental Auditions for Beginners  

Applicants are required to give a brief spoken introduction and play a short piece on any instrument or sing a song. In some instances, applicants may be invited to attend the Academy to ascertain physical suitability for particular instruments 

We do not offer individual tuition to complete beginners in violin, piano or guitar. (Click here for information on Introductory group classes for complete beginners - no audition required).

The maximum age for beginner string players (excluding violin) is 12.  

Instrumental Auditions for non-Beginners  

Applicants are required to submit a video recording including the following:-  

  • A short spoken introduction   

  • 2 contrasting pieces   

  • 1 major scale and arpeggio + 1 minor scale and arpeggio    


The minimum age for applications for individual tuition in voice is 15.  

Applicants are required to submit a video recording including the following:-  

  • A short spoken introduction   

  • 2 pieces, one of which should be from the classical repertoire    

Junior Choir  

Junior Choir is for students aged 8 – 18. Applicants are required to submit a video recording including the following:- 

  • A spoken introduction    

  • 1 unaccompanied short song   

  • A full major scale starting on C or D