RIAM minute books


The Chair of the Board of Governors is responsible for the leading the Board of Governors in its oversight of the RIAM’s general government and regulation. Every two years the Chair is elected in the January meeting. The present Chair is Dr. Dennis Jennings. 

Board of Governors 

The Board of Governors is responsible for the RIAM's general government and regulation. The membership of the Board is described in the Education Endowments Act (1889), along with subsequent amendments to the RIAM's constitution. The Board of Governors formulates policies, decides on strategy and oversees the activities of its subcommittees. 

The current membership is available at this link: Board of Governors Membership 


The Board of Governors has the following sub-committees to support its work: 

  • Finance Committee 
  • Audit and Risk Committee 
  • Governance Committee 
  • Board of Studies (Academic committee) 

The current membership and terms of reference are available here: Sub-Committee Members

Senior Management Team 

The senior management team of the RIAM support its day to day running. 

They include: 

Deborah Kelleher, Director 

Kevin Kelleher, Secretary/Finance Officer

Ruth Meehan, Personnel Officer

Padraig Rynn, Senior Staff Officer, Tertiary RIAM

Ross Lyness, Head of Junior RIAM

Brendan Breslin, Head of RIAM Connect 

David Quinlan, Facilities and Maintenance Managr

Mark Mahoney, Marketing Manager

RIAM Constitution and Code of Governance 

The RIAM is governed by its Constitution (known also as ‘The Blue Scheme’) which was entered into legislation under the Education (Endowments) Act in 1889. 

The RIAM is also subject to the Code of Governance of State Bodies (2016) and drew up its own Code of Governance in 2018. 

The RIAM Constitution and RIAM Code of Governance (2018) can be downloaded below.