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RIAM Holistic

Professional musicians today require flexible skills that can adapt to a variety of roles: performer, improviser, arts administrator, community musician, teacher and much more.

The RIAM Holistic module will help you to develop skills to make you industry ready. We look forward to seeing how you will apply those skills in your own unique professional life.

RIAM Holistic Modules

Performance Psychology and Yoga will help develop physical and mental wellbeing required to reach peak performance and have a sustainable career.

Pedagogy and Music in Community and Healthcare Settings gives you practical skills for both studio teaching and performing in a range of non-formal settings.

Contemporary Music Collaboration introduces performers and composers to the co-creation of new works, and the practical aspects of bringing the work from the rehearsal studio to the concert or recording platform.

Career Strategy will take you through practical areas such as taxation, concert planning and promotion, biography writing, CV writing, mock auditions, leadership skills and interviews.