MMusPerf Music Performance

  • Application deadline
    30 November (Early Bird rate)
  • Course duration
    2 years
  • Course accreditation
    Trinity Accredited Course
  • Course fee
    €10,300 per annum
  • Course fee (non-EU/EEA)
    €21,600 per annum

Course Introduction

The MMusPerf Programme attracts instrumentalists and vocalists who have achieved a high level of technical and musical skills in their undergraduate studies.

For more details relevant to your instrument/voice, please follow the links below:

  1. MMusPerf (Keyboard)
  2. MMusPerf (Strings)
  3. MMusPerf (Vocal Studies)
  4. MMusPerf (Woodwind, Brass & Percussion)


Course handbook

MMusPerf Course Handbook