MMusPerf Music Performance

  • Application deadline
    24 March 2023
  • Course duration
    2 years
  • Course accreditation
    Trinity Accredited Course
  • Course fee
    €10,500 per annum
  • Course fee (non-EU/EEA)
    €22,050 per annum

Course Introduction

The MMusPerf Programme attracts instrumentalists and vocalists who have achieved a high level of technical and musical skills in their undergraduate studies.

This two-year Master programme provides an opportunity for students to further consider artistic and technical considerations in their instrument or voice in preparation for a sustainable and fulfilling professional career in music. 

We offer an exceptionally high level of one-to-one contact with the principal study teacher, namely 2 hours of lessons per week, allowing our emerging artists the opportunity to focus on key areas of development.

Master students have performance opportunities in both solo and Chamber Music recitals, competitions, and professionally run orchestra or opera performances as appropriate to their interests. This regular platform experience hones performing skills and techniques, bringing the work in the teaching studio and practice room to life. Weekly performance classes and regular masterclasses from a range of visiting artists further encourage students to develop a distinctive artistic voice, one which can communicate effectively with sound fundamentals.

Those students who wish to include composition or a second instrument into their principal study may do so. RIAM will work with you to divide those principal study hours between faculty and will adjust assessments to work best for your interests.

For more details relevant to your instrument/voice, please follow the links below:

  1. MMusPerf (Keyboard)
  2. MMusPerf (Strings)
  3. MMusPerf (Vocal Studies)
  4. MMusPerf (Woodwind, Brass & Percussion)


BVOF/RIAM Next Generation Awards

Blackwater Valley Opera Festival and the Royal Irish Academy of Music have announced a transformative new music prize to support the studies of two master's students every year at the RIAM

The largest bursary of its kind in Ireland, the BVOF/RIAM Next Generation Awards selects one vocal studies student and one instrumental student to each receive €10,000 annually. This new award will assist each winner to complete their two-year Master in Music Performance programme at the RIAM. 

The award is open to vocal and instrumental students worldwide who apply to study on the Masters in Music Performance (MMus) programme at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, with a particular focus on applications from tenor/countertenors for the vocal award.  Recipients will be chosen through their RIAM audition to receive the award, which will be provided as €10,000 in Year 1 and €10,000 in Year 2. 

More information on how to apply and audition requirements for MMus can be found on Applications submitted by the closing date will be automatically considered for this award.  There is no separate application process.

Administrative Assistance Scholars 

Examples of assistance include stewarding, music specialist administration (e.g. bowing/marking parts, scanning music), meeting prospective students, concert administration & presentation, and outreach projects 

€1,000 bursary is awarded for 75 Faculty Assistance Hours 

€2,000 bursary is awarded for 150 Faculty Assistance Hours 

We offer bursaries based on the ranking of applicants at audition. We also assess your willingness to take on administrative or teaching assistance work, and your aptitude for the work. 

For teaching assistance, an interview post-audition will assess your previous teaching experience. Teaching assistants are allocated group classes, early years, or adult students. Accompaniment assistants are allocated rehearsals with students and class concerts. The Head of Faculty monitors all 1848 Scholars engaged in teaching. 

€1,650 bursary is awarded for 60 Teaching Assistance Hours 

€2,500 bursary is awarded for 90 Teaching Assistance Hours 

€5,000 bursary is awarded for 180 Teaching Assistance Hours 

We offer bursaries based on the ranking of applicants at audition. We also assess your willingness to take on administrative or teaching assistance work, and your aptitude for the work. 

Course handbook

MMusPerf Course Handbook