RIAM Policies - Complete Listing

Academic Assessment and Progression Policy
Academic Programme Development and Review Policy
Academic Programmes: General Requirements
Access to Information on the Environment Policy
Accessible Information Policy
Admission and Transfer Policy
Adoptive Leave Policy
Alcohol and Drugs Policy
Annual Leave Entitlements for Non-Academic Staff Policy
Annual Programme Monitoring Procedures
Appeals Policy and Procedure
Carer’s Leave Policy
Child Safeguarding Statement
Closed Circuit Television Policy
Code of Business Conduct for Employees
Compassionate Leave Policy
Complaints Policy
Continuing Professional Development Policy
COVID-19 Policy
Data Protection Policy
Dignity and Respect Policy
Disability Support Service Code of Practice
Doctoral Studies Policy and Procedure

E-Communications Policy
Employment of People with Disabilities Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Finance and Financial Regulation Policy
Flexible and Remote Working Policy
Fraud Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Freedom of Speech: Code of Practice
Health and Safety Policy Summary
Health and Safety Statement
Hospitality and Entertainment Policy
ICT Policy
Internal Control & Risk Management Policy
Jury Service Policy
Maternity Leave Policy
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy (Staff)
Mental Wellness and Health Standard Operating Procedures
Overall External Examiners & Specialist External Examiners Policy and Procedure
Parental Leave Policy (incorporating Force Majeure)
Parent's Leave Policy
Paternity Leave
Plagiarism Policy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Statement
Procurement Policy
Programme Suspension and Cessation Policy and Procedure
Protected Disclosures (Whistleblowing) Policy
Quality Standards and Assurance Policy
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Records Management and Retention Policy
Refund Policy for Students
Return of Coursework Policy
Retirement Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Capability Policy
Staff Disciplinary Policy
Staff Grievance and Mediation Policy
Staff Recruitment Policy
Student Code of Conduct
Student Complaints Policy