Musicianship Class

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Here in the Musicianship Department we offer an engaging programme of study for part-time students, supporting and supplementing all instrumental and vocal tuition.

The teaching starts at preparatory level and runs through to senior levels. Students begin musicianship at the start of the Academic year in which they turn eight years of age. 

As classes are small, we are able to monitor the learning and development of each student.

As students progress into the higher levels class numbers shrink and additional time is available for teaching more complex material, while still attending to the specific needs of each student. The lesson durations and class sizes are indicated below: 

Preparatory, Levels 1 – 4
Time: 40 minutes
Numbers: 10 students maximum

Levels 5 - 9
Time: 40 minutes
Numbers:  6 students maximum

Level 10
Time: 60 minutes
Numbers:  4 students maximum

The programme of study is comprehensive with three strands running throughout: 

  • Theoretical paper work
  • Aural Training - Dictation
  • Aural Training - Sight singing 

This three-pronged approach ensures that all theoretical learning is underpinned and supported by a progressive aural training dimension. Aural training develops the ear, encouraging musical confidence and security. The connection between sound and symbol is always musically based. The teaching is engaging and child-centered. 

Our Musicianship staff are leaders in the field of academic music research and include international composers and performers.