RIAM minute books

Freedom of Information

Making an FOI request

Please use the following procedure when making a Freedom of Information request:

  • Please complete a copy of the RIAM Freedom of Information Request Form which is available to download below. Submit the completed request form via email to the RIAM Freedom of Information Officer at foi@riam.ie. Indicate that your request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.
  • Please state clearly which of the following the request refers to:
    • an application to request records
    • an application to have personal information corrected
    • an application for access to reasons for decisions which affect you
  • Please provide enough information to enable us to identify the records requested
  • Please refer to FOI search and retrieval charges below prior to submitting your request
  • Proof of identity may be sought, especially where personal information is being requested, e.g. Birth Certificate, Driving Licence, Passport or other form of identity.